I've always had the desire to make things. My hands must always be busy making. That's how I ended up with an art degree, even though I entered college determined to discover a love for something more "practical." It's how I managed to spend two months covering a car in Sharpie marker. It's how I decided I must learn to knit, and then to spin yarn, and then to dye the wool to spin the yarn. It's how I started painting late at night after the kids went to bed, and it's how I fell in love with the spontaneity of watercolors, and inks, and the ways they bleed together so fascinatingly. 

I'm originally from Portland, Oregon, but I ended up at the University of Hawaii studying glass sculpture and graduating with a BFA. After traveling, getting married, and spending several years in Japan, I returned to Hawaii with my husband and our two small kids. I currently live on the island of Oahu, where I divide my time between the job titles of "mother" and "artist."

If you'd like to see my most current projects or snippets of my everyday life, my favorite place to post about them is on instagram. Follow me there to stay up-to-date!